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Analyse The App Store To Get The Best Out Of Your App

App Store is at its Pinnacle right now. Currently there are 1.5 million Apps available in the App store and numbers of Apps downloaded are 100 Billion. More than 1,600 apps are being submitted to the App store on a daily basis.  With those big numbers existing, your app has to find its own way to be at the top. Smarter way is to analyse the App store in depth.  The list of top 100 Apps keeps on changing because of the swift nature of the store and there’s always room for the new apps to be up there. You need to see things in a different manner, analyzing the review score and which app offers what to be the very best should be your prime focus.

Mobile Apps Development Experts

Design the Apple Way

One of the things that distinguish Apple from others is the way they design their products and apps. What Apple did with iOS 7 was redefining the entire OS and with their recent product in line, The Apple Watch, they crafted a beautiful piece of hardware with its groundbreaking OS on that tiny screen.

They have always preferred a smarter and a cleaner design and Apps that follow their blueprints have always been favored by Apple. So make sure your App has all the right ingredients that Apple prefers.

Exclusively For Apple

This is where it’s more about give and take. If you have built an App exclusively for Apple and exactly by their standards then you and your App are in for a treat. Apple always favors the loyal and why wouldn’t they?  With exclusivity, Apple gives you every muscle to flex with their support.

The Free Apps

Keep an eye out on those top free Apps in the store. See what makes them so much popular at the first place and what audience they are really targeting. It might help you bring the necessary changes in your app and its overall functionality. If you are a photographer and willing to build a photo editing app, analyse how top apps such as Instagram or VSCO have made its user interface simple with the best editing tools and custom filters.

Do not miss out on Trends

One smarter way to analyse the app store is by following the Trends. Trend gives you an insight of which apps are popular and what kind of apps users prefer the most. Search tab in the App store will give u the Trending Searches of the App store.

Apple Device for the Promo

As an iPhone Developer you need to show your love for Apple. When you cut a promo of your app and feature Apple devices like iPhones or iPads, Apple always appreciates that and it makes things a bit easy on your frontier. Keeping your App up to date with their Technology is always a smart tactic to get your app featured someday or the other.

See What Others Are Doing

You aren’t the only one to list an App as one of the best. There is a huge flock of competitors on whom you need to keep a tight watch. See how frequent they are updating their apps, what new features they are adding, how optimized their apps are, things like these will gradually help you to make your app perform better.

So the iPhone Apps Development Specialist and the iPhone Developers out there, these analyses about the App Store will help you understand the store in a better manner and which will eventually give users, the experience they  always ask for.

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