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4 Cloud Computing Tools for Cloud Based Web Application Development

The enterprise IT solutions are looking for an IT infrastructure that account web applications. The IT development is witnessing a rise in demand of web applications. Yes, we have entered the era of web application development.

Along with the increase in the demand of web application, there is a considerable rise in the demand for cloud based web apps and mobile apps. Cloud based solutions are indeed providing great convenience to businesses and organizations allowing them to function from anywhere anytime and providing them with greater control.

This is the reason that cloud based tools are immensely popular among software development and app developers. Here are a few of the recommended cloud computing tools for robust and rich development by our team of softwaredevelopment experts.


This tool is for building database online for very simple web applications. It provides software development specialists with tools that can transform data into powerful online database. It emphasizes on app development that works in tandem with the development data. The platform offers functions like search, data display and customized forms for cloud computing. Moreover, it gives structure to the data with data types, connects with data by linking the related records and extends the data with formulas and equations. This tool is brilliant because there is no requirement of coding. Knack gives the developers the opportunity to sort, find, explore and share data among other developers.

Visit the website:


This tools offer the most simple features to build web applications. Again, even with this tool, you don’t have to write any code. Creating designs is fast and convenient with this tool. You can create a loyalty app, send push notification or create your online mCommerce with this amazing tool. The platform offers you with features that will let your brand owners connect with the end users with engaging experiences. Apps can be developed for both iOS and Android. It offer features and components like social feed, events, RSS, notifications, eCommerce for web development experts to build robust web applications. They have specific feature designed to help businesses grow sales.

This tool is a platform well known as a Cloud Based HTML5 hybrid mobile and jQuery mobile app builder. Appery, formerly known as Tiggzi, offers a fast drag and drop with JavaScript codebase for iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and Responsive Web Apps integrated MBaaS. The builder runs on the cloud, thus the software developers can easily install and download to build the app. It is powerful drag and drop tool as a visual builder.  

Visit the website:


Codiqa is known for the most intuitive mobile interface builder that has enabled over 10,000 businesses globally. It is a brilliant tool to build mobile app and web apps where prototyping is extremely smooth. As a developer, you can easily edit, export HTML/CSS/JS  files. It is best suited for Front End Developers and UI designers. It offers features like drag and drop interface, HTML5 components as cloud based platform. All you have to do is build is once and then you can use it anywhere. Web developers need not code again to create another prototype.

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