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Responsive Design Great Choice for Mobile SEO Strategy

Responsive website design is Google’s preferred solution for creating seamless and scalable websites across desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. Responsive design allows one website to deliver a great user experience across multiple devices, and can also make managing mobile SEO strategy easier.
 Responsive Design Expert

Here are few reasons why responsive design is a great choice for mobile SEO strategy:

Recommended by Google:
Google has stated that Responsive Web Design is its recommended mobile configuration; they have even considered this as industry’s best practice. Because responsive design sites have one URL and one HTML code regardless of the device. This makes it easier for the search engines like Google to crawl, index, and organize content.

One website for all devices:
The main goal of the search engines is to present information to the searchers they are looking for. The problem arises when the mobile users visit the site not configured for mobile devices. Google ranking algorithm also takes into account the bounce rate even form a mobile device. Hence, getting the site mobile optimized will definitely cut down on the trouble required in non-responsive site.

Easier to manage:
Having a separate site, for desktop and mobile devices creates a lot of issues. A separate site requires separate Google Adword campaigns, SEO campaigns and separate Google Analytics reports. This is one of the key advantages a responsive site has over a separate mobile site. Besides, it is easier to have mobile-specific SEO strategy, like optimizing for keywords that are more likely to be searched from a mobile device.

It’s cheaper:
Creating multiple mobile sites to react on every single device, and having a SEO strategy built for each device, already sounds like too much work. With responsive design, just one site is required to be optimized for all the devices, old or new. One website can cut the cost of having multiple sites and further optimized for various devices.
Having one responsive website can solve multiple purposes, of presenting great user experience on all the devices and also making the SEO strategy easier.

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