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The Pros and Cons of Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET framework is a programming infrastructure widely used around the globe for building, deploying and running applications. It comprises of three primary components – Framework Class Library, Common Language Runtime, and ASP.NET. The experts in .NET technology have many career opportunities and are very much in demand worldwide. Let us now discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of .NET Framework.
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Pros of .NET framework

  • • It increases developer productivity by reducing the quantity of codes used in large web applications.
  • • This platform is multi-language compatible.
  • • Its base class library supports enables to achieve varied functions like file reading, graphic rendering, etc.
  • • It possesses all the resources to equip your websites with all the functionalities in order to manage it smoothly.
  • • Entrusting your web development project on a dot net development agency will make sure that a highly-functional website is built with exceptional user experience. Your interactive website would attract more visitors and they are more likely to convert.

Cons of .NET framework

  • • This framework may not be pre-installed in the older versions of Windows. So, you must check it first and if it not there then you should follow the guidelines provided in the user manual.
  • • None of the versions of Windows have pre-installed versions of frameworks, especially the newer ones.
  • • In certain cases the consumption of time may be more because of garbage collection occurring at regular interval in order to reclaim memory.
  • • Applications that run in managed environments often require more system resources than the ones accessing machine resources directly.
  • • As reverse engineering of codes is easier, security is rather less. However, many advanced techniques have been developed in order to protect the privacy to the best possible extent.

Currently, there is a huge demand of dot net experts and it is expected to increase in the near future as this .NET framework is one of the most popular tools for creating interactive and feature-rich applications.

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