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Checklist – Selection of Mobile Architecture

Decisions on mobile app development can be crucial, especially for someone the whole idea is new. Mobile apps have now become a very important for many businesses. But the whole debate about having a native mobile app or a hybrid app is still going on!

Honestly, enough of the top 5 reasons to choose native app or hybrid app because it does not really help you decide anything. For these decisions, you need to talk to a mobile development expert and IT professionals who know what will suit your business type and its target audience.

Coming to the point, mobile development usually comprises of a development architecture where finding the right technology stack and other aspects are under consideration.

Choice of Operating System

The masses use the Android or iPhones while iPhones enjoy the largest market share in China. Android dominates the smartphone usage in the US, Asia, Europe and Germany. But the use of iOS and Android keep changing and thus it is always good to have developed a mobile app for both. At Helios, there have been times when a client went for only iOS development and then eventually had to develop the mobile app for Android.

Cross Platform or Hybrid

The difference between cross platform and hybrid development is the flexibility of development with technologies for each. The cross platform development takes non web technologies like .NET framework. Whereas, developing with web technologies takes HTML5 and JavaScript. We think this also depend on many factors like the business type, location and target audience. So we suggest talking to our mobile development specialists.

Technology Stack Selection

This is not much of the juggle as there are only three technologies to choose from. When you choose the technology, then you choose the platform for development. It is in fact the simplest decision in the entire process of mobile development.

Paid App or Free

This is one of the business decision that again depends on the investments you make. But for the record, today most of the apps are available for free. Also, mobile app development specialist at Helios Solutions recommend going free initially and once there are enough people using the app, you can go for the paid version.

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