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Top 6 Android Habits to Form as we Begin 2017

We often make resolutions to mend our habits and make a new beginning as we enter a New Year. It could be about hitting the gym regularly, healthy eating habits or for that matter anything that reinforces ‘change for better’. Being an Android App Development Agency we are looking forward to create wonderful Android experience in 2017. Therefore, our Android app specialists have suggested following Android resolutions to start your New Year in a good way:

Commit to a default app

When you have not set a default app, most of the Android phones would pop up the selection UI at the bottom of the screen. Choose “Always” instead of “Just once” and set your default app. It would save you from making an extra tap every single time and that would add up to a lot of time saved over the course of a year. If you change your mind then dig into the settings to change your default app.

Do not clear recent apps

If you too are having the habit of compulsively clearing apps from the list in order to save battery, please stop this habit right now! You might be only making things worse because your phone needs to work harder to re-launch apps rather than taking it out from the background.

Back up your photos and videos

Make sure that you are backing up your photos and videos; otherwise it is akin to inviting trouble. Just imagine your phone screen cracked or it is having a bootloop issue, scary isn’t? So, set it up now; choose Google Photos app or Dropbox app whichever suits your needs.

Set up two-factor authentication

In order to be sure that your Google account is not compromised, set two-factor authentication. Each time you log into your account you would need to access your phone for one time codes but bearing a little bit of pain would ensure your account is secure.

Uninstall redundant apps

The way we clean our homes or workspace to make it clutter-free, resolve to disable and uninstall all the stuffs in your Android phone that you never use. They are not only occupying memory space but also taking away your time by making you scroll through to reach the apps you actually use.

Pay for quality apps

In 2017, make it a point to support Android application experts by compensating them for their hard work. Pay for quality apps and reward app developers to continue with the good work; otherwise, in-app purchases would become more common.

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