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Joomla! Releases a Secured and Improved Version 3.7.3

Joomla is an award winning CMS and has been powering websites of all sizes and shapes including corporate websites, ecommerce websites, government sites and many more. For smooth and secured functioning of your Joomla site, the company has released version 3.7.3 which is essentially a security update.

What’s new in version 3.7.3?

In its latest version Joomla has tried its best to address security issues as well as many bugs. Here’s what new in the latest version as per our team of Joomla specialists:

Vulnerabilities addressed

1) Core - XSS Vulnerability

In Joomla CMS versions 1.5.0 to 3.6.5, inadequate filtering of multibyte characters is leading to cross-scripting vulnerabilities in various components. Although, this issue is not that severe, it has been fixed in the current release.

2) Core – Information disclosure

In versions 1.7.3 to 3.7.2 of Joomla, form contents are getting disclosed because of improper cache invalidation. The CMS Company fixed this issue which is essentially severe, in this latest release and all have been instructed to upgrade to the latest version.

3) Core – XSS Vulnerability

In previous versions of Joomla i.e., 1.7.3 to 3.7.2, there has been a severe issue of improper input validation and missing CSRF token checks which in turn resulted in XSS vulnerability.

Several bugs fixed

There have been many bug fixes and you can have a look at the full list of bug fixes by visiting GitHub.

Volunteers invited!

Joomla has thanked everyone who has contributed to the successful release of Joomla 3.7.3. Furthermore, they have added that if you want to make the future releases better you can give your direct contribution; how?

By joining the volunteer community as a:

  • Tester: You need not have special skill sets for volunteering as a tester. Just you would need to install test releases and follow reporting instructions. 
  • Translator: You would need to help them translate in English or any other language.
  • Technical writer: You can volunteer in writing tutorials and documenting new features. 
  • Find your area: If you do not fit in the aforementioned areas then you can volunteer in areas that fit your skills and interests.
The next releases of Joomla, version 3.8, 3.9 and 4.0 have already been planned and worked on. So, you can contribute your time and skill to Joomla in any of the above mentioned areas.
Now it’s your turn
Have you upgraded your CMS to this latest version of Joomla? Please let us know about your experience with this award-winning CMS by leaving your comments below.

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