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Mobile Friendly Website for Successful Execution of SEO Strategies

Internet on mobile phones is a very common thing. People browsing for websites from their mobile phones can be seen everywhere. Looking at the growth rate, it is necessary for all organization or businesses to have a mobile friendly website. There are very few businesses who have taken up this seriously and have adopted responsive design for their websites. Many businesses do not understand the importance of having a single website for all devices. Even the popular search engine, Google has also recommended having a mobile friendly website. Lets discuss the reasons behind these recommendations in detail.

Increased Number of Mobile Users - Google actually labels the websites those are mobile friendly. When you hit search on Google from a mobile device, the result list appears with a tag that indicates whether the website is optimized for mobile view or not. Users will obviously prefer to visit a mobile optimized website and the CTR for these websites will be more than the ones which are not optimized. In this case, even if your website appears on the first page of search results, it is less likely that vast number of mobile users will click on it. To avoid this scenario, you must take initiative right now and start developing a website with mobile ready features.

Improved Mobile Ranking - From above point it is clear that mobile friendly websites are going to have higher ranking in future. So it becomes even more necessary to keep your business ahead in the competition. Here is the link for Google blog that indicates its policy about mobile friendly websites.

Mobile Revenue - When most of the users are using mobile devices for searching products and shopping online, it is really foolish to refuse for mobile friendly website. This directly means that you are losing the customer base which is browsing through mobile. Your competitors might go ahead of you and cover all the potential customers irrespective of the device from which they are shopping. But your business might get limited exposure to few number of desktop and laptop users which are shrinking day-by-day. From all three points stated above, it must have been clear to you that mobile is the big player in the online business and you must not ignore its power. Not having mobile-ready website is not an option anymore. You have to equip with all possible weapons to advertise your business and reach to each and every potential customer via a medium he prefers to use. You cannot impose restrictions for user’s medium, instead you should be present there even before the customer arrives. 

Your SEO strategy is going to be affected by the mobile users. You must reach to your mobile-browsing customers before it’s too late.

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