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WordPress Website Navigation Menu - Optimizing Proper Way

There are various things to be kept in mind when creating, developing and optimizing a website. Whether you use WordPress to develop your website or some other platform, you must ensure that the Navigation Menu of the website is optimized fully. There are two reasons why the menu should be optimized. The first of these reasons is to make it more friendly for the incoming visitors and secondly to optimize it for the search engines so that there is a better flow to the website.


No Posts: a WordPress expert should ensure that there are no posts added to the menu. Although this is usually done as a strategy under WordPress website development to promote a product or service, it can negate the effect of a SEO link made somewhere down in the post or elsewhere in the page. It is true that the ranking of the page would be affected to a certain extent but in the long run, it would prove to be beneficial to avoid posts on the Navigation Menu.

Location of the Navigation Menu: the location of the menu holds importance as it is where the visitor would first click when visiting a site. A WordPress expert should place the menu either at the left sidebar or at the top as these are the locations that are generally preferred by visitors. The menu should be simple and clear. Only the main categories should be added to avoid any confusion.

Add Categories: as mentioned, categories should be added in the Navigation Menu. A WordPress specialist should give meaning to the website or blog by adding categories as this would make the website or blog presentable as well as organized.

No Links in the menu: WordPress website development experts should take care while putting links in the menu. There should be a minimum number of links as they keep the website simple and clear. Too many links would only confuse the visitor.

Therefore, with these steps in mind, a WordPress specialist can optimize the Navigation Menu while still keeping the website clear and simple. The WordPress specialist should ensure that the purpose of developing the website is to provide information about the products and services offered and this purpose should not be hampered due to miniscule errors.

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