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Call-to-Action: Why it's Integral part of your Business website?

Call-to-Action statement is an integral part of your business website. If you have not paid attention to this feature until now, then this is a good time to implement it, better late than never. Call-to-Action or CTA is a good tool in your hand to collect more leads from your online business and grow. With  proper CTA placed at strategic location on your page, you can collect valuable information from your visitors aka potential customers.  You can use this information later on for follow ups with these leads and invite them to visitor your website often. Let us take a detailed look at this feature and how you can implement it on your website.

What is CTA?
It is an element on your webpage that appeals page visitors to take some kind action. The action could be visiting another page, filling up contact form, or subscription form etc.  The element could be an attractive button or image or just a link with text. It should be convincing enough to the visitor to click on it and perform the requested action. There are generally two types of CTAs –

  • • First type will send your visitor to a product or offers page where he will come to know about current offers on specific product etc. Kind of promoting your special or key products

  • • Second type of CTAs work on the basis of inbound marketing. These CTAs will send the user to a page where they are requested to fill up information form. Form filling can be a required step for downloading any resource or free trial for some product. Second type of CTA is more effective than the first one and many websites are using them to collect leads.

How to create effective CTA?
  • • Good understanding of your business and its target audience is very much required for designing CTA for your website. Create CTA that will be directly associated with the products or services you sell from your website.  Type 1 CTA that urges users to buy the product right now is not going to work effectively. Seeing same “Buy Now” phrase can irritate your visitors and they might choose to leave your website
  • • Another point to remember is your CTA must offer some valuable prospect to your visitor. After they fill up forms, immediately acknowledge them with some offer so that they do not feel fooled and become your loyal visitor. 
  • • Always think about the fact “What solution or benefit is offered to the visitor?” If your visitor see value in your offer, they will not hesitate to share it on social media and help to promote your business.

Design hard hitting CTA –
Here are some brief tips to create a result oriented CTA
  • • Headline must be attention seeking
  • • Write down the value or solution you offer to your visitors.
  • • Use Bullet, numbered list instead of long paragraph
  • • Include typical action verbs like, Download Now, Register, Visit etc
  • • Use contract or different color than the other design elements on the page.
  • • If using images in CTA, make sure that you use high quality image.

Positioning CTA on webpage –
Front center is the most appropriate area for CTA but it is not always possible to put CTA at such place. Side bar on left or right are also good positions to place CTA. When placed above the fold CTAs perform much better. They must be visible soon after page loading finishes and catch user’s attention. You can also use pop-ups with close button directly after page loads. Interested users can fill up the form in no time and to straight to get the benefits.

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