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6 Post-Hack Recovery Tips from WordPress Development Experts

6 Post-Hack Recovery Tips from WordPress Development Experts

Finding your website being hacked is the last thing that you would ever want to discover! But what would you do if you ever find out that it has been hacked? Feel angry, violated or traumatized? How much ever may you feel devastated, you would need to put your emotions aside and save your site by acting fast! Here are some tips from WordPress specialists to restore your WordPress site after the hack:

1. Reach out to your host for help
Turning to your host for help is the obvious thing that you must do first because they must contain infections on their servers, if any. Also, they may help you to swiftly revert to a clean backup and also provide you with useful information.

2. Hire a professional
This is time to reach out to a professional for help! In case, you feel it might turn out to be an expensive affair then you can better contact an outsourcing WordPressdevelopment agency. You would not only get professional expertise at a reasonable price but you can focus on your core business areas while your website recovers.

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3. Scan the site
Ask your WordPress expert from the hired agency to scan the site for malware, date stamps and recently modified files. Thus, they can remove infection from your site.

4. Check server logs for clues
Your developer may come across the file that needs to be deleted by combing the server’s Error logs to figure out, if and how, any vulnerability was exploited.

5. Replace WordPress core files
If you find out that your content was infected by malware, tell your WordPress Developer to find a recent backup of your wp_content folder and replace them. Also if they want to avoid the tedious process of cleaning files individually, then let them replace the WordPress core files in wp_admin and wp_includes via your Cpanel.

6. Get your SALTs changed
Secret authentication keys that reside in your wp_config.php file that takes care of the encryption of login information for your WordPress cookies are called salts. Although they can be changed any time, it is ideal to go to after a hack and generate new salts.

A professional and experienced WordPress specialist would take care of everything that needs to be done in order to restore your WordPress site. Did you ever face any cybersecurity issue with your WordPress site? Please share your experience and do let us know how you tackled the situation.

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