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Mobile E-Commerce Can Benefit From Perfect User Experience Design

Mobile E-Commerce has reached at mature stage now and users are used to mobile shopping. Apps designed for mobile e-commerce are the best medium for running your online business. These apps must give your users a delightful and easy experience so that they feel happy while shopping and return for more in future.

The small screen space available with mobile phones can bring some constraint on your apps contents. With a clean clutter-free UI you can utilize this small space for winning big deals. The shopping experience should be light and product in interest should be kept on the center stage. All other secondary information or related products list must be kept at backstage. With following tips, you should be able to design a nice and comfortable mobile shopping experience for your users.

  • De-clutter
If you are looking for improving your existing app to attract more users, then first step is to check how much clutter exists on every screen.  Un-necessary lines of text, logos, navigation are the prime elements which cause clutter in your app. Decide relevance of all these elements and show them at specific pages only. When user is browsing through your stores, navigation links might not be necessary. When he chooses particular product to view, then offers available on other items might not make sense. A Long trail of breadcrumbs is a real annoying thing for users and it eats up lot of space on center stage, so removing it is the best idea.

With a clutter free, fully focused app can give users immense pleasure. Browsing through the app unintentionally should also be a joyful ride. Even if a user does not buy anything from your store, he might share his experience with others and so gain more clientele for your app.

Consider following two examples – 


The first picture shows an app with lots of buttons links, icons on the product page creating a clutter. Other one has relatively clean interface focusing just on products.

  •   Quality of Product Images
Photos or product images are the prime assets for your e-commerce app. When you expect users to buy stuff from your store just by looking at photos then the quality of the photos must appealing. Using high quality images might increase some burden on bandwidth, on the other hand a poor, pixelated image may force user to leave your app.

First suggestion is to use full-square images with good resolution. The presentation of the product also plays important role. Use of appropriate lighting effect, composition of photos with nice and comfortable surroundings can also make user feel good while taking look at product gallery.

Difference in two apps is clearly visible here. App on left has all high quality product images which can be zoomed in for detail view whereas app on right fails to show products features even when zoomed in.

  • Allow Guests!! Avoid Register Yourself, Log in Fuss
It is understood that you want to retain your client and keep in touch with him or her. But seriously consider if it is necessary for user to register or log in app before actually making purchase. Generally users are redirected to login/register page when they decide to buy something and this may be a irritating thing! You might lose your customer at this very point and instead of filling login form, customer just walks out.  If customer is satisfied with his shopping experience then he will return to your app for sure. 

  • Easy Checkout process
When user reaches the checkout screen, it means he has decided to finally buy your product. You have created the entire app for selling your products and your objective is getting fulfilled. Be careful at this point, you just can’t afford to annoy or disturb customer. The UI for checkout should be very clear, so that user feels that he is in safe hands. Creating popups, showing more offers should be avoided this point onwards. Let him see what all he has in his shopping cart and how much each item costs. Displaying total amount, total discounts gained at top of the page is also a good idea.

Check out screens in both images will tell you the truth. The first screen still has focus on product, your bill amount not clearly visible. On the top of it, it is asking for login information which is totally absurd. Next one is desirable experience showing total amount in big amount and does not need any other information.

To summaries, you should have clutter free interface with good quality product photos loaded in your mobile e-commerce app. Removing login/register formalities can surely increase your popularity. Clear checkout process can ensure that you are not robbing users pocket by any means. After following all points discussed here you can expect returning users to your app and be popular on net.

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