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New Trends in WordPress Design

Responsive is the buzzword in website design world. Everyone is talking about web design suitable for mobile browsing. The time when a business has separate websites for desktops and mobile users is now gone, instead people are now looking for single solution that works on any device right from wearables to large smart televisions. The solution is in the form responsive design. In the near future, every website is going to be in responsive form so that users can visit it from any device. So there is no reason to run away from this design strategy, rather you must start learning it as soon as possible. 
If you are choosing WordPress CMS for developing your website, then making your website responsive is not that difficult.   
Earlier web type-kits were used to present stunning and calligraphic fonts on the webpages. Type kits are expensive and require big budgets for implementing on your website. but picture is changing a lot now.  

Traditionally web type-kits that allow you to use visually stunning fonts and typefaces on websites are rather expensive. But now many type kits are available for free on Google. WordPress theme designers can add more flexibility to their themes by adding more typographic kits.

Ghost Buttons
In minimal designs, ghost buttons play a very important role. However, these are not used by all designers as it requires perfect color combination to create ghost buttons. When used properly these buttons offer delightful experience to your website users.
Great Backgrounds and Images
Background images are not fully eliminated at yet and many designers use them to enhance their designs. A beautiful yet unique background image can make your website more attractive and stand out from other websites.
Showing less amount of text prominently on the webpage also can add more value to it. Instead of writing lengthy, hard to paragraphs you can convey your message with less text which catches user’s attention. In this fast world, any website visitor seldom reads all the content displayed on the page. He just makes out things from overall appearance, heading and few links used inside the text. Your page will look even more elegant and professional with less amount of text matter.
Avoid Scrolling Can Win the Battle
As we have seen earlier people browsing from mobile phones are growing continuously. You can’t ignore these users. Your design must satisfy the requirements of mobile users, in a sense it must respond to the needs of specific devices. Mobile browsing must be an enjoyable and effective experience for the users.  You must avoid long texts or big images which can increase the scrolling of the page. Users might feel difficulty in viewing long trail of content with scroll bars. Long text and images might increase load time of your website especially on smaller devices like tabs or smartphones.
Flat Design Trending

Flat design is a design which uses 2D images on web pages. A design might look simpler and flat when no gradients, bevels or emboss effect are absent. 

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